PedDrugDose Title - Small

The steps to calculate a pediatric medication dose in PedDrugDose are illustrated below:

  • Pick a medication to use from the alphabetical list or search

  • Pick a concentration - the available ones are listed

  • Enter the child's weight in either lb or kg
    • As shown in any of these screen shots
  • The dosing ranges and dosing intervals are already entered but you may change them.
    • As shown in any of these screen shots
  • Click "Calculate"
  • Choose a dosing regimen - all appropriate ones are listed for you with the back-calculations

  • Print Prescription.

  • Paste your Dot codes.
    • If you have indicated that you will be using this program with Practice Partner®, clicking on a dosing regimen will paste the "dot codes" into the clipboard.
    • Within your progress note in Practice Partner®, simply press Ctrl-V and the dot codes will be pasted.  An example of the code inserted is shown:

      .RX2: amoxicillin : 400mg/5ml : 2.5ml : q12 : 10 : 50ml : 0
      .SIG: ˝ tsp (2.5ml = 200mg) po q12 hours

      Once you save your progress note, the prescription will be generated and can be printed by viewing it in the medications section in Practice Partner®.
    • Please note:

Practice Partner™ is a registered trademark of Physicians Microsystems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of McKesson Information Solutions, LLC. I do not and have never worked for McKesson or Physicians Microsystems, Inc. This software, PedDrugDose, is produced and owned independently of McKesson and Physicians Microsystems, Inc. No endorsement of this software by McKesson or Physicians Microsystems, Inc. is implied and none should be inferred. Practice Partner is mentioned throughout the program and in it's help file for clarity's sake as this program was (after the fact) reworked in order to improve prescription creation in Practice Partner.