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What Exactly Does PedDrugDose Do?
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Below is the list of the required steps for correctly and accurately dosing an oral liquid pediatric weight-based medication.  With each step is information about how PedDrugDose makes this easier.  To see each of PedDrugDose's steps with screenshots, click here.

Required Steps

How PedDrugDose Changes This
  • Pick a medication to use

Easier to search for - you don't even need to know the spelling
  • Look up the concentrations available - choose one

These are all pre-filled for each medication - you just have to select from the list
  • Look up the dosing range (mg/kg/day)

These are pre-filled as well
  • Look up the dosing intervals - choose one

The most common one is already selected but you may change it
  • Convert the child's weight to kg if given in lbs

Weights may be entered in either kg or lb
  • Calculate how many mg/day are required for this child (low and high)

Done automatically
  • Calculate the mg/dose using the dosing intervals

Done automatically
  • Calculate the ml/dose using your desired concentration

Done automatically
  • Round the ml/dose to a parent friendly figure (4 ml instead of 3.81, 1/2 tsp instead of 2.4ml, etc.

Done automatically
  • Now, check your work: convert your rounded ml/dose to mg/dose

Done automatically
  • Convert mg/dose to mg/day using your chosen dosing interval

Done automatically
  • Convert mg/day to mg/kg/day using the child's weight

Done automatically
  • Is it within the high and low range?  If not, something has to be changed (maybe tid works better than bid?) and the calculations re-run

Very easy to check by looking at the dosing regimens presented to you.  Each on has a corresponding mg/kg/day calculated along with an indication as to whether it is within range.  Any parameter can be changed easily, allowing you to run "what-if" scenarios to optimize the prescription

  • Write prescription

Printed or copied into your EMR* (not that there is anything wrong with your handwriting...)

*Please note that as of the date of this writing, the only complete EMR integration is with Practice Partner as it is the EMR system I have been most recently using.  No endorsements either way are intended or inferred.  I will be adding a generic EMR Rx porting utility in the near future and will add EMR interoperability as I am able (this requires a user's request and some information about the EMR system in order to optimize this).

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