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Online Preview of PedDrugDose
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Welcome to the online preview of PedDrugDose!

Disclaimer: Please note that this website, PedDrugDose, the Online Preview to PedDrugDose, the drug database itself and any calculations are to be used solely at your own risk.  While the data and calculations have been tested thoroughly, it is not and is not intended to be misconstrued as a substitute for your own clinical judgement.  All calculations should be approved by you, the prescriber, and you have sole discretion to accept or reject the recommended dosing regimens given to you by PedDrugDose.

As a consequence of the above, I will not take any responsibility for your actions as a prescriber.  If you are inclined to hold somebody else (me) accountable for your clinical decisions, do not use this program.

If, on the other hand, you would like to use a tool that can help reduce medication dosing errors and speed up the time writing prescriptions, please

click here to start the online preview of PedDrugDose.

Please note the following differences between the online preview and the full downloadable version.

Online Preview

Full Version
  • 21 medications/indications

  • Over 250 medications/indications
  • Stores only one Physician Name and address (as cookies)

  • Has a physician name/DEA database
  • Requires an online connection to use

  • Functions independently of the internet
  • Cannot print prescriptions for unlisted medications

  • Can print prescriptions for unlisted medications
  • Cannot mark medications as favorites

  • Can mark medications as favorites
  • Cannot filter by indication

  • Can filter the list by medication category
  • Cannot edit medication data

  • Can add custom medications or even edit the preset medications
  • Can only have one medication per prescription

  • Can fit up to 9 medications on a single prescription

Home | Free Online Dosing | About PedDrugDose | What Does it Do?
Download | Purchase | Contact | About the Author